Thrive December Specials: Bakery Line


click image to enlarge

There are some fun specials on this month at Thrive! The Bakery Line is all on sale this month, and a special Holiday Baking Pack that makes a fantastic gift to put under the tree for just about anyone.

In case you want some fun ideas for using the December Specials, here are some I’ve put together…..

SCRAMBLED EGG MIX: Black Bean Chocolate Cupcakes
CLASSIC COOKIE DOUGH MIX: Pecan Pie Bars, The Thrive Chocolate Chip Cookie
COUNTRY WHITE DOUGH MIX: Roasted Garlic Parmesan Bread, Cranberry White Chocolate Bread Pudding
GOLDEN CORNBREAD MIX: Southwestern Cornbread, Cornbread Griddle Cakes
HONEY WHOLE WHEAT DOUGH MIX: Wheat Bread Scones, Honey Whole Wheat Cinnamon Rolls
VANILLA SUGAR COOKIE MIX: Fruit Pizza, Peanut Butter Cookies
INSTANT DRY YEAST: Best Ever 100% Whole Wheat Sandwich Bread
HONEY CRYSTALS: Instant Oatmeal Mix, Germade Bread, Supreme Muffin Mix, Summer Porridge
UNBLEACHED WHITE FLOUR: Homemade Stuffed Crust Pizza, Germade Bread, Germade Muffins, Supreme Muffin Mix

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