What Am I Forgetting? Protein


I know…you’re jealous of my beautiful picture. Here’s my “What Am I Forgetting” post, due…..only months ago.

When we’re building our Home Store (benefit of a grocery store in your home) it may be a little easier to get balanced nutrition, but when we’re building food storage, it’s easy to get stuck on wheat, rice, beans, milk, sugar, and not much more.  These items contain plenty of carbohydrates, but not much protein.

Why is protein important?
Proteins are vital for growth and maintenance of our body’s tissues. Through digestion and absorption, proteins from the foods we eat are broken down and then developed into many kinds of proteins, each with a specific job. Proteins aid blood clotting, fluid balance, vision and aid in the distribution of important nutrients/substances throughout our bodies.  Protein can be metabolized for energy when carbohydrate and fat are in short supply. It can also help you feel full longer.

Remember to add things like peanut butter, commercially or (BETTER) home canned meat, chicken, and beans, tuna fish, products like Thrive’s Scrambled Egg Mix (yes, I’ve tried it, and yes, it’s amazing) to your Home Store. Your family will thank you for it, your belly will thank you for it, your whole body will thank you for it. Focus on getting three months of ingredients for meals you regularly eat, then build up from there. This is especially helpful when you end up dipping into your storage because of economic or other conditions, not necessarily considered a natural disaster or emergency.

Do YOU store protein in your Home Store or food storage? What is your favorite kind?

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