Thrive: November Good Stuff

It’s getting to be THAT time of year….you know, the time when deals are HOT and products are cool.  At Thrive it’s no different!

Black Friday sales will be coming up in a few short weeks, and so there won’t be the regular list of specials at Thrive, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t exciting news!


ANNOUNCEMENT: Thrive is announcing it’s newest addition to the healthy, delicious, product line….Mashed Potato Flakes! This is exciting! They’re healthier, better for you and eliminate some of the concerns with the Potato Beads (like canola oil). I’m especially excited about this because I use potato flakes in my bread making (see my FANTASTIC whole wheat recipe HERE). and now I will have non-GMO, NO preservatives/additives potato flakes available to use.

There are also returning seasonal products, like the Freeze Dried Cranberries and the AMAZING Hot Cocoa.


TEH-milkThere WILL be a Qpon item this month…the Instant Milk is on sale…and if you have never had powdered milk, HATE powdered milk, or haven’t been able to find a powdered milk that’s palatable….you HAVE to try this one! At a party once, I had a bunch of mature ladies (some of whom had raised their kids on powdered milk) ask me how the milk was….and I hadn’t ever tried it! So I opened a can and mixed some up right there and passed it out (no chilling, no blending) to these fantastic ladies….who LOVED it! I had so many orders for BUCKETS of the Instant Milk that night. Definitely give this one a try.

That’s it for the November Specials! Look for info soon about BLACK FRIDAY sales!

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