Thrive: Salad Seasoning-Hidden Treasure

I wanted to share one of my favorite Thrive products with you today.

This (drum roll………) is Thrive’s Salad Seasoning Blend.

It’s great on all kinds of things, but I want to tell you my favorite thing to put it on…….



Scrambled eggs, fried eggs, omelets, egg salad. Just sprinkle it on…no need to do anything else! Salad Seasoning Blend and eggs….well, it’s like peanut butter and jelly.  They go together that well. Eggs are a particular passion of mine ever since my hens started laying last month. One of these days, I’ll introduce you to them.

If you’d like more info on the Salad Seasoning Blend, Thrive, or just want to say “howdy,” look for this symbol on the right hand sidebar underneath “Connect with me”=======>


Have you ever tried the Thrive Salad Seasoning Blend? What do YOU like to use it on?

P.S. It has not escaped my attention that I’ve been MIA….more on that soon, I promise.

2 thoughts on “Thrive: Salad Seasoning-Hidden Treasure

  1. I wish you would have mentioned what was in this seasoning blend or maybe posted a photo of the back of the container. Probably might help people know what it even is.


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