Thrive: March Madness Case Sale!


The Thrive March Madness Case Sale begins tomorrow, March 18th, and runs through March 25th. It’s a BIG ONE…not only are cases deeply discounted, but EVERYTHING is on sale! Woohoo!


Here are a few of my favorites:

Save $90 + per case
Ground Beef—Freeze Dried

Save 80+ per case
Turkey—Freeze Dried

Save $60+ per case
Red Seedless Grapes—Freeze Dried
Beef Dices—Freeze Dried
Egg Whites
Sausage Crumbles—Freeze Dried
Chopped Chicken—Freeze Dried
Shredded Cheddar cheese—Freeze Dried
Broccoli—Freeze Dried
Pineapple—Freeze Dried
Vanilla Yogurt—Freeze Dried

Other great deals:

Cornmeal $24+ case savings
Instant Pinto Beans $29+ case savings
Instant Red Beans $40 case savings
Broccoli–Freeze Dried $53+ case savings
Sweet Corn–Freeze Dried $28+ case savings

You can find out more by going to my March Madness page. From this page you can easily select items by category and place your order, or you can contact me at 801-367-1607 or at jenn AT theEssentialHomemaker dOt com.

Sale begins tomorrow so get yourself to my March Madness page and get ready!

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