Inspiration: Weeks End Roundup

March 14, 2014

This is a moment each week when I take the opportunity to show you some things that inspired me over the past several days. Enjoy!

inspired weekend031414

I attended a class last night at a local Real Foods store. It was a class on making and using natural yeast and it was fantastic. Not only am I concerned about the health implications of commercially produced synthetic yeast, but (and here’s where my mind always goes) at some point, I may run out of any yeast I’ve stored and not have the resources to get more….what would I do? My great grandmother and her mother knew how to do this, so there has to be a way to make bread without packaged yeast. So this was where my mind was when I came across this class and decided to go see what Caleb Warnock could teach me. I learned so many things that confirmed my gut feelings, no pun intended. Really. But it actually kinda works, right?


Uh, yeah….right….back to business. So when I got home, I read the book he co-authored, The Art of Baking with Natural Yeast. Talk about a bread geek. Yes, that would be me. And then this morning, I went to his website and read some more, and I want to live like he lives. Almost completely self-sufficient. There is something about a self-sufficient lifestyle that resonates so deeply with me. Being self sufficient actually brings me closer to my Heavenly Father, because I believe He helps those who help themselves, and when I’m working to be self sufficient, I have to rely on Him, and not on the worldly philosophies that would have me believe that I can’t survive without big food companies, big drug companies, big oil companies, and the list goes on and on.

Caleb says on his website, “As a society, we’ve pretty much abandoned self-sufficiency. We rely on corporations to grow our food, produce our seeds, and make sure the grocery store is stocked.” YES!

But here’s the big thing. My “a-ha!” or “Eureka” moment of the evening. Something he said really struck me. Amongst talk of rationing and Victory Gardens, Caleb said (paraphrasing): If our grandparents and great grandparents had a need to be self sufficient, how much more desperately will our CHILDREN need those skills? That is OUR burden. To teach them.

I have so much work to do to learn and teach my children skills of self sufficiency. It requires so much faith. Faith that one bite at a time (of that big old elephant) is good enough as long as you keep consistently taking bites. He will bless us for our efforts, and doesn’t expect us to be perfectly self sufficient, or perfectly anything for that matter, in a day.

If you want to be inspired, check out these links. I’m looking forward to reading Caleb’s other books, Forgotten Skills of Self Sufficiency, More Forgotten Skills, and Backyard Winter Gardening.

Caleb Warnock’s Website
Caleb Warnock’s Facebook page



A Simple Mindset at From the Mrs.
A friend of mine is on a fantastic journey to simplify her life, and simplify her home. She has lots of great ideas and info on her blog



Lemon Pudding Cake at Mel’s Kitchen Cafe
There’s just some about lemons that scream “SPRING”


huge-cabbages-growing-in-container-garden-300x225Plan a Canning Garden at Awesome Mitten


Thanks for letting me share what inspired me this week!
I’d love for you to leave me a comment and tell me what inspired YOU!

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