Preparedness: Hygiene Supplies

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We had a nice laugh in December when my mom gave my dad a “Super-soaker” for Christmas. Turns out, they’d recently had a conversation about what they would do if they ran out of toilet paper during an emergency, or a time when they couldn’t obtain supplies. My mom joked that he could just hang his heinie  (according to Merriam-Webster this is a real word) out the window and she’d spray him off with a hose.

And yeah, it could work, but really…there are very few people I can imagine who would prefer this method over good old fashioned toilet paper.

Taking an inventory of all products that you and your family use on a regular basis is a good idea so you know what you’d need/want/really, really miss in the event that you weren’t able to visit the store.

Here are a few that I have currently in my storage:
Shaving Cream
SANITARY SUPPLIES! Oh my goodness…I would not like to have to be like my pioneer grandmothers on this one….

You can also store ingredients to make your own hygiene items like:
Coconut Oil
Baking Soda
Shea Butter
Arrowroot Powder or Cornstarch
Essential Oils
Sweet Almond Oil

just to name a few…..

Let me know what hygiene items you are storing, or if there are any you’ve forgotten! I’d love to hear from you so please leave a comment!

4 thoughts on “Preparedness: Hygiene Supplies

  1. Well, since we grew up with the same mom….and her same smart brain…I carry much the same you do. However, I also have chap stick in storage. Mostly because Rob can’t live without it. 🙂


    1. Chap stick is essential! I really like having the items on hand to make my own…especially since they are items that can be used to make multiple things (deodorant, lotions, baby bum ointment, salves, etc).


  2. Do you have recipes for making home made beauty supplies?
    Also, I’m wondering if you are high altitude before I try your Germade bread or muffins.


    1. Hi Susan,
      I don’t have any recipes that I’m thrilled with yet, but I’m working through some and experimenting with some. The only thing that I’m completely content with is coconut oil as a makeup remover. It works great and is gentle. I’ll be experimenting with a homemade deoderant, shaving cream, and toothpaste, and let you know how it goes.
      Also, I AM at about 4,700 ft above sea level. Let me know how the bread and muffins work for you…they’re some of my favorite recipes and a nice change from the ordinary.
      Thanks for taking time to post!


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