Preparedness: What am I forgetting?

what am i forgetting


Flu, flu, go away, come again…….well, preferably never, but at least not for a long long time.

Anyway, where was I?

Oh, yeah. Hello!

I’ve been wanting to do a little Preparedness Series, but needed to wait until after the first of the year, hoping that things would have calmed down (who was I kidding?)….but I’m still going to do it. I think I’ll call it….”What am I forgetting?” Now this will by no means be an exhaustive list of the possible things that get overlooked in preparing for the unexpected, but it’s some that I’ve learned from experience, and some that I’ve heard about from others, who have learned from experience.

So, where shall we begin…..(oh, and can I just say, don’t hate me because my photos are amazing?….really….cause they stink. They were taken in a very poorly lit room after a class I taught….But they’re what I have….)

When I was a kid, I may have mentioned to you that my parents were into preparedness. And we had 72 hour kits….in big aluminum garbage cans. At least the first ones were, but they evolved as my mom learned what worked, etc.  So when I was beginning to get mine together, my mom told me to remember that I had 4 kids (at that time….long time ago) and three of them were under the age of 3….yeah. Going to the grocery store during the day, I’d have the 2 ½ yr old by one hand, and the barely walking 1 yr old by the other hand, and the newborn in a sling. Can you imagine taking a purse or diaper bag, let alone a 72 hour kit for EACH of us.


Hubby and I decided that we’d get rolling backpacks. They have wheels, and a telescoping handle, and in a pinch, if we were each carrying a kid, …..or two….., we could still pull a backpack for them. Incidentally, we also purchased a very sturdy wagon as a piece of emergency equipment….

I’d like to challenge you, to get started on 72 hour kits, if you haven’t already, and to look at your family, their needs and circumstances, as you decide what equipment is best for you to use/purchase.

Have YOU got any ideas or advice about 72 hour kit containers? Leave me a comment!

4 thoughts on “Preparedness: What am I forgetting?

  1. In the past I had made many attempts at creating a 72 hour kit. Even with a list of suggested items it quickly grew too large, too heavy, and was missing many necessary items. So finally gave up, and purchased a fully equipped kit already put together (yes, I am that lazy). It came in a backpack – but one without wheels.


    1. Haha! One benefit to having many backpacks to manage is I can spread the load, LOL. 10 points for Becky! Good on ya for having one. I have them, but we need some updating of clothing….kids grow too darn fast!
      Thanks for your comment 🙂


  2. We DON’T have 72 hour kits. We DO have our own little stash area here in our house, mostly b/c I have always assumed that this would be out “bug out” haven, rather than the road.

    BUT … when we get to Nepal, we WILL have such kits. Escape plans in developing countries somehow seem more necessary to this head-in-the-sand Momma. LOL


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