Self Reliance: Thrive

Thrive-Life-SmallOk, so you may have guessed that I am really into Thrive foods. LOVE THEM.
Never expected to become a consultant, but life is funny that way.

My cute cousin Julie (ooooh, she’s tricky…love that girl) talked to me about it a while ago and I didn’t think that was something I could give any time/thought to right now.

So she said (yes, here’s the tricky part), “how about I send you some of the foods, and you can play with them and develop some recipes for me to use them in.”
OH! OK! You had me at “PLAY.”

The weird thing…I LOVE ’em. We have been having tons of fun at our house trying the different freeze dried foods and basics. I incorporate them into our daily menus, and even the hubs has made pleasant sounds while eating them.

Some of the great things I love about them?

  • Simple Ingredients: My can of freeze dried diced mango has….MANGO as it’s one and only ingredient.
  • Non GMO, Organic selections, BPA Free cans, No Pesticide residues, Gluten Free options, NO MSG
  • Long shelf life.
  • No more throwing away half a bag of potatoes or a bunch of celery or onions that went bad because I didn’t use them fast enough, or prep them for long term storage (like in the freezer or in the dryer) before they went bad. I can use my freeze dried onions, celery and potatoes.
  • Fresh tasting…seriously.
  • The Q: how fabulous is that to have delicious food delivered right to your door? I’m tellin’ ya.
  • Having a Home Store right in my basement that I can go to when I run out of something. Serious peace of mind.

SO, I will be posting lots of recipes using THRIVE foods, (but they of course can be used with any fresh or other company ingredients as well). And if you need to order some, or want to know more about them, or want to try them out, I can help you out with that! You can visit my site HERE to read more and browse the store HERE.
You can also take a look at this flyer with specials that are good for about another week:


Stay tuned for lots of fun! If you have already tried THRIVE foods, you’ll love all the new recipes and ideas that I have for you.
P.S. I’ve been playing with grains! Stay tuned for Spelt, Germade, Amaranth, Quinoa, Barley and other fun recipes using grains (some familiar and some not).

P.P.S. For all my scrapbooking friends, I have this really cute summertime kit that I never released that I was thinking I’d post for y’all to grab. Give me a couple of days to get it packaged up pretty and I’ll have it for you!

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