Organization: Grocery List


At my house, everything imaginable grows legs and walks away.
Even when I try to be organized, the effort is frustrated by nothing ever being where I put it.

I used to keep my grocery list (things that needed replacing as we used them) on a clipboard, but inevitably, someone would grab it and use it for scratch paper, or walk away with my pencil/pen, or just swipe the entire clipboard, which was never heard from again.

I love it when inspiration strikes. Really. One day while looking at a stack of picture frames in my closet I was frustrated that there wasn’t anywhere to put a lot of them, and that they were taking up space in my teeny-tiny little closet.
A large lightening bolt later, I was heading out of the closet with my beautiful black 12×12 frame, and rummaging through my scrapbook stash to find a piece of 12×12 paper..

It worked. I then found some squares of velcro with adhesive that have been sitting in my sewing area I put the hook and loop parts together removed one side of the backing and pressed them to the frame. I then removed the backing from the other side and lined it up with where I wanted it on my refrigerator and pressed it on. Keep in mind that it takes 24 hours for the velcro adhesive to make the strongest bond, so if your frame is very heavy, you won’t want to do it this way. However, mine was light so I just pressed it on and there it was in all of it’s glory. Now to find a solution to the pens that sprout legs and walk off…..hmmmm…..

I cut one of the squares of velcro in half and put half of it on the fridge….



And half on the dry erase marker…..


Sorry about the blurry pictures….but stainless steel, glass, and flash….no bueno.



And there you have it… easy way to keep track of what groceries/supplies you are using up, that will stay put.



You could also try a large magnet or magnet strips if you have a fridge that it will stick to. Unfortunately, mine is stainless steel and we’ve got no magnetism going for us.

Do things walk off at YOUR house? What do you do to keep track of things?

6 thoughts on “Organization: Grocery List

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