DIY Food: Sprouts

I really like the idea of growing my own food…I REALLY like it. And when I think about the ability to grow fresh green stuff in the midst of an extended emergency situation….my little heart goes pitter-pat.

I’m sad that winter greatly reduces my ability to TRY to grow my own food (please note that I in no way endorse myself as a green thumb….).


But one of the coolest things on earth are sprouts! You can grow them in a couple of days, they are AWESOME good for you, and they’re some fresh stuff! Oh, how I love them! Which reminds me….I need to go start another batch!

I’ve tried a few different methods/devices, but this one is my favorite….


Put your tablespoon or so of sprouts in the bottom of a clean pint jar. I bought my little bag of seeds from the local health food store, along with this nifty jar lid that is kind of like a plastic mesh….little holes to drain the water. Cover it with four parts of water and let them soak. Now, the type of seeds you’re sprouting determines the amount of time you let it soak, but these ones I soak for 6-8 hours. (Your seed package should tell you the right amount of time for your seeds.)
UPDATED: May 6, 2014 Thrive Life is now carrying a Sprouting Seed Kit and a Sprouting Seed Refill. Can you say SO EXCITED!?!


Then give ’em a good rinse and drain. I set my lidded pint jar on the counter top, out of direct sunlight at about a 45ΒΊ angle in a bowl so that it drains most efficiently.
Then rinse and drain a couple of times a day until your sprouts have reached the size you like them. I usually do about 3 days.

TEH_sprouts4(this is about 2 days)

Then put them in a bowl and give them a good rinse to remove all the little seed hulls (you don’t want these…they can cause the sprouts to go bad faster). Then I put them in a zip top bag with a folded paper towel in it to absorb any moisture, and eat them in and on everything I can.

TEH_sprouts5They’re so good on sandwiches and in roll ups, on cottage cheese and salad with some homemade buttermilk ranch…..
I’m telling you, people, go out and get you some SPROUTS!!!

Have you ever sprouted before?? What do you like to eat your sprouts on??

14 thoughts on “DIY Food: Sprouts

  1. I was just ate Walmart the other looking for these!…and they DIDN’T have any! I was so disappointed cuz they are a fav of mine, especially when trying to eat healthier. I must try this, thanks!


    1. Just FYI, Tiffany, I was just at The Good Earth in AF, and their sprouting seeds are on sale (at least the one I used in that post). I just picked up some cause I’m almost out. Super easy to do, and you don’t have to be bummed when Walmart is out πŸ™‚


  2. my Mom sprouted all the time, only with just alfalfa sprouts to use on sandwiches. she always made quite the lunch spread for Dad everyday (from sandwich bread to juice, every bit of it homemade). ALL the other guys at work were SO jealous of his lunches!!

    back then there were no nifty mesh jar lids like this – sections of pantyhose and elastic bands to hold it in place were the tools of the trade!! the jar also wasn’t stored on the counter top while growing/draining (probably because the kitchen was WAY too small for that). instead was closed away in a cupboard between waterings (to keep out of direct light) until the sprouts reached maturity – and then set on the windowsill in the sunlight for a bit to “green-up”. followed by placing in a tupperware lettuce keeper (allowing for additional drainage, so the sprouts didn’t “sour”) & sticking in the fridge.

    YUM!! yesterday was toasted coconut, and today it’s sprout cravings, thanks to your blog!! sigh… wish my Mom was still around, because my chef skills are *seriously* lacking (potential food poisoning level lacking)!! probably a good thing I only have myself to cook for!! ;o)


    1. I’ve been putting them in everything, Becky….I never loved them as a kid, but my tastes must be maturing. Your dad was one lucky fellow!


  3. This is awesome Jenn!
    I was just at my child’s Science Fair and one of the exhibits was about growing Wheat Grass as a food source for bunnies. I thought about getting the trays and trying it out since we now have guinea pigs (and the sprouts were yummy!) — but your method here that is very similar to the wheat grass seems much more like something I would be able to manage easily — and I would actually give it a go. Thanks for the inspiration! I am going to have to look for one of those jar tops


  4. Thanks for the post about sprouts! I was very bummed when Walmart quit carrying sprouts even though I knew that I could do it myself and save money. I have the seeds. I just need to do it. Thanks to your post and tutorial I am going to start some today!

    I LOVE sprouts in pita bread sandwiches. Do you have a post for making pita bread? πŸ™‚


    1. Pita bread is in the queue!
      I used to get (oh my goodness, this was years ago) a pita bread sandwich from Hickory Farms when I worked as a shop girl ions ago…they used ham and salami and sprouts…oh my…I am hungry just thinking about it..I had forgotten! Look for pita in the near future, and let me know how your sprouts do..oh, and BTW, The Good Earth in AF has them on sale right now…picked up some yesterday!


  5. I absolutely LOVE this idea & am definitely going to try it. I’m new to gardening & never heard of “sprouting seeds”. Gonna have to see if they have them at Home Depot! πŸ™‚


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