Preparedness: Water Storage

Attention class……

Raise your hand if you know the #1 most important item you can have in your emergency preparedness arsenal…..anybody?

file0001877418290(image source)

YES! Water is #1…cause we can’t live without it for very long. Now, next question…..

How many of you have your minimum recommended water storage per person in your household?? That would be ONE GALLON of drinking/cooking water per person per day for a minimum of two weeks…..

Let’s see…….

That would be a grand total of 126 Gallons of water for my little fam (you know that “little” is used a little sarcastically here, right?)
And THAT’S just for cooking/drinking… doesn’t include washing, bathing, cleaning, etc.

We are pretty close to having our drinking/cooking water storage for our family, but since we need more than that really, I’m always looking for ways to store more.  I mean, you can only have so many 55 gallon water drums in your garage, you know what I mean? (And ideally, water should be stored in a cool, dark place).

According to the Water Quality and Health Council:

Clear food-grade plastic containers, such as soft drink bottles, are ideal. Other options include fiberglass or enamel-lined metal containers. Never use a container that has previously held toxic substances. Containers for water should be rinsed with a diluted chlorine bleach solution (one part bleach to ten parts water) before use.

Now THIS I can do….I store 7-up/Sprite in our food storage for times when we all have the stomach flu that goes around and around and we can’t keep anything down….but what to do with the bottles afterwards? Store water in them! The beauty of these babies is…..they can store almost anywhere! I have them in the bottom of closets, under beds, in corners…..the only advice I have is ONE: make sure the lids are on tight, particularly if you’re going to store them on their sides, and even put them in a big bin…like the underbed bins for good measure, and TWO don’t store them near anything with a strong odor….like soap, or scented garbage bags, or stuff like that….do you really need me to tell you how I know this??

Wash ’em out good with soapy water and bleach solution,


You see that cool little pink medicine dropper??? Wanna know how to get one?? I walked into my local Wally-world’s pharmacy and asked if they sold anything like that…..and they just HANDED me one, and said “here you go!’
It was kinda fun! Go try it yourself!

Fill with water (there are lots of trains of thought on tap water and fluoridated water, and I get all that, but I’m limited right now to what I CAN do, and since we DRINK tap water, well, we’re storing tap water).


I put 4 drops of bleach (and make sure it’s a new bottle of bleach…it loses it’s potency over time) in for good measure.


Then I mark the lids so I know when I filled them (see the three little dots? They stand for 2013….really, it makes sense to me). The recommendation is to empty and refill bottles once every 6 months or at least once a year. Changing it out keeps you confident that it’s safe, and keeps it from going flat…..have you ever tasted flat water?? UGH!

Stick them in a cool, dark place preferably off the floor, and then sit back and give yourself a pat on the back for doing something good for you, your family,….and the environment (GO, you recycler, you!).

Do you have all the water you need for YOUR family stored??

11 thoughts on “Preparedness: Water Storage

  1. Nope, I don’t have ANY water stored right now. Gasp! I know. When we moved 10 months ago, I emptied out all our water storage (which wasn’t enough for us anyway) and STILL have not filled it back up. Another GASP! When our water heater went out two weeks ago and our water had to be shut of (twice) during installation/reinstallation (he he), we were without water and we had to “borrow” water from the man that was helping us. SO EMBARRASSING! Guess I should get on that. 🙂


    1. Definitely one of those things we’ll kick ourselves about when we need it and don’t have it 🙂 Get those bottles filled, Girl!!!


  2. Water is my #1 goal at the moment for storage, because it’s easy. Every time I empty a juice bottle or something, I NEVER throw it out…I wash it and fill it. So easy!


  3. We do have our water, but we have also bought 2 extra barrels and my hubby is planning to build a water storage area in our garage. So looking forward to this!


    1. Congratulations on having your water and then some, Julie! My sister just bought a 250 gallon water barrel that is vertical and oval shaped so it takes less space than the 55 gal barrel drums and has a spigot in the middle and at the bottom. I’m hoping we can get one of these soon.
      I’d really love to hear about your water storage area in your garage!!


  4. I keep renewing my efforts to store water for my family. Even if you are broke, reusing bottles is a great way not only to reduce reuse recycle, it doesn’t cost anything! Even if you have the drums, you still need the smaller containers to cart it around. I sometimes refill smaller (clean) soda bottles with water for my kids (and myself) for when I’m out and about instead of buying water bottles for that purpose. This works for us because my husband is a die hard soda drinker and I am a die hard recycler/cheapskate. 🙂


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