DIY Food: Tortillas

Today’s post is going to make my hubby turn in his grave….at least, it would if he were 6 feet under. See, we eat a LOT of tortillas at our house….well, except for him. He takes exception to the school of thought that assumes that tortillas are a “Latin food”….when in fact they are (according to him) a Mexican food, and being that he’s from SOUTH America….he’s having none of that. Except mine…he eats mine, and makes sure I know that it’s ONLY mine that he will eat (gotta love ‘im).


Now, tortillas aren’t horribly expensive, really, except if you have 7 children who love them and want them for every meal of every day (ok, maybe a slight exaggeration). So at some point in my journey, I realized that I was going to HAVE to figure out how to produce these most loved of ….Mexican foods…..on my own. And they’re not difficult, unless you’re OCD and MUST have every single one of them uniform in size and shape. But I’m not, so it’s all good.

I give you……

Tortilla Mix:

Fills a #10 can

4 cups all purpose flour
4 cups whole wheat flour (you CAN use all white flour, but my kids have learned to like the wheat ones because it’s what I give them, so you can decide what works for your family)
2 cups dehydrated shortening powder ( I get mine from Thrive Life, but you can get it at the local Macey’s grocery store or Walmart…they carry them around here)
3 TBSP powdered milk
1 1/2 TBSP salt


Mix together and pour into a #10 can or other airtight container.


To make:
1 cup tortilla mix
1/3 cup water

Stir vigorously.


Turn onto floured board and knead into a ball.


Divide into thirds and cover.


In this photo you can clearly deduce that I mix up quite a bit more than one cup of mix at a time.


Let rest 1 hour (makes the dough more workable and improves flavor, although they CAN be rolled and cooked immediately after mixing). Roll into 6 inch rounds or use a tortilla press.


I use the press to get things going, and then finish rolling out. I have three gallon ziptop bags that I’ve cut the sides on, and I open them up,


spray with oil or cooking spray for easy removal, and stick a ball of dough in them in the tortilla press, then roll, and then open up the bag and remove the dough….makes it quicker and easier.



Heat on a preheated, ungreased, HOT griddle, comal, or pan just until light brown spots appear. It really only takes MAYBE one minute on the first side and 30 seconds on the second. I store them (while still warm) in a gallon ziptop bag in the fridge.


I make up a BUNCH of these at a time, and whenever possible, employ child labor to make it possible for me to do other things at the same time. Just think, one day THEY’LL be able to make tortillas for THEIR ravenous children and husband with discriminating tastes (no pun intended, really).

We use them in Roll ups, Bean and Cheese Burritos, Enchiladas, Quesadillas, Cinnamon Treats, and Chips, among other things.

Enjoy this and let me know about your tortilla making experiences!!

13 thoughts on “DIY Food: Tortillas

    1. You know, Becky, once you get a rhythm going, it IS easy. The first couple of times I thought…”is this really worth it?” But it is, and it hardly takes any time at all now (comparatively), and they’re so GOOD! I’ll have to explore those other grains! I’ll let you know what I find out!


    2. I’ll let Jenn do her research, but it’s been my understanding that wheat flour makes it easiest to get the big tortillas. Other flours just aren’t as ‘sticky.’ so either they don’t come together at all in the right consistency or their roll-out power is much less stable. take corn tortillas for an example. there’s a reason they’re only found in tacito size.

      quinoa has A LOT of protein, though, so maybe that would work pretty well. I didn’t know you could make flour with quinoa.


      1. Great info, Laura, and thanks for taking the time to post! I’m looking forward to figuring out if quinoa is a viable possibility!


    1. Those sound like some wonderful memories, Amanda! That must have been awesome! Go get yourself busy girl, making some tortillas! šŸ˜‰


  1. I just want you to know that my husband also loves this recipe. He went out with his friends to an “upscale” Mexican restaurant last night in Salt Lake, and told me later that the whole time he was eating the tortillas he was thinking “my wife’s are better.” I can’t tell you how good it makes me feel when my husband praises something I do, so thank you Jenn for the recipe and the directions on how to do it!


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