Free: Kid Fun

I have the CUTEST little XY ever born, and I adore him, but truth be known, he has earned his nickname. We call him El Diablito, no lie. The boy is in constant motion, and to say that he has enough testosterone to balance out his six sisters would be a gross understatement. And he MUST have a higher than average IQ because the things he finds to get in to and the things he DOES with the things he finds to get in to….well, I’m telling you…he just has to have a little genius going on there….

This is why I must get creative….I mean, I can only contain the young boy in his straightjacket, uh, I mean high chair for so long at a time. Being a busy mom of seven who runs a fairly homemade household and runs a business to boot, this is where I have to rise to the occasion.

Now, I know some people are intimidated by Pinterest…but I’ve found that Pinterest has been a real boon to my creativity, and I love it.

A day or two prior to this particular day, I had pinned this blog post
How to Make a Woven Wrap Hammock
thinking it might come in handy at some point.

Here’s the thing….I set the little hammock up using a bed sheet, and the boy was entranced! I had over an hour of uninterrupted “get something done” time before he got bored and began to run amok again. His older sister stopped to take some pics of the little tornado…



See that little Oscar hammer in his hand? The boy HAS to have something in his hand at all times. Frequently, it’s one of his five hammers, sometimes a car, or sometimes it’s a spatula or ladle….what can I say, I’m raising a Renaissance Man.


And you thought I was kidding about the perpetual motion thing……
Anyway, sometimes it’s the simplest things that make all the difference *winks*.

Have you ever make one of these nifty little hammocks? Have you ever been inspired by Pinterest? Do tell!!

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