Project: Re-fashion a dress

So, the conversation with my nearly 20 year old daughter goes something like this:

Me: Hello?
Ms S: Hi Mom. Can you please do something for me??

(I hate this sentence. Just tell me what you need and then ask for my help, you know? Kids….ya gotta love ’em.)

Me: Well, it depends on what it is.
Ms S: “MyDarlingBoy” has asked me to go to the symphony with him to hear his mother play, and I don’t have any dresses or anything to wear. Can you help me sew something?
Me: Oh, well, it’d have to be something simple, but yes, I could probably do that. Meet me at the fabric store tonight and we’ll see what we can do.

(We go to the fabric store and look at patterns and find one that she falls in love with.)

Me: Ok, so what’s your budget for material for your dress??
Ms S: NOTHING, Mom, I don’t have any money.

Well, there were words spoken here, but we’ll just skip this part. You wouldn’t be interested in it anyway, (winks).

We looked and found some $2 a yard fabric that was a wicked steal because it was a discontinued fabric, and I bought it, but it just wasn’t quite right, and I fretted and fretted overnight that it wouldn’t work right with the style of the dress.

The next morning, I woke up and was cleaning out my closet, when my beautiful $150 dress that I bought three years ago to wear to my husbands formal Christmas party/made me feel like a million bucks/can’t wear anymore cause it’s 5 sizes too big dress fell at my feet. This is my beautiful dress that I wore in our family picture 3 or 4 years ago.

I knew that it was an answer to prayer, and truthfully, I was a little sad, cause I’d been planning to make ME something out of it. But I set to work. It took me about two hours to piece together the pattern piece puzzle in order to make it fit in the skirt of my beautiful dress, but with divine help, I finally did it.

The pattern was pretty simple, and I got most of it done within a couple of hours (ok, 3 1/2 really). Then a couple of days later (the day before the big event) my lovely girl came over and we tried it on her to check the fit. I made a few adjustments and sew, clip, trim later, it was finished. And she liked it. And she looked beautiful.

Whew! Now watch me pull another rabbit out of my hat. The things we do for our children.

Have you re-purposed anything lately? Made something new out of something old? If so, tell me about it!
If you haven’t, give it a try! Take an old men’s shirt and turn it into a skirt for a little girl (tutorial link coming soon), or an old sweater into a little boy’s Sunday sweater (coming soon), or taking an old sweater that’s too big and making it into a cute short cardigan (coming soon).

Can’t wait to see what you do!

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