Excuse me? OH! That’s just my HEART SINGING!!!

Hello DPD Blog friends!!

Spring is my favorite time of year…the colors and smells and sounds are refreshing and bring hope and a renewal of life and faith. My spirits pick up and the songs of the birds and the flowers peeking up through the ground stir my soul. I want to climb the nearest hill, spin in circles, and break into song like Maria in The Sound of Music! However, you won’t find me climbing any hills or spinning until I’m dizzy….for now the sound you hear will be my heart singing like no other. Spring makes me so happy that

My Heart Sings

For TODAY ONLY, this kit is 30% off,
and then will be 25% off for one week!

I’m especially excited, because this kit is being used for
Round 4 of the Supreme Team Contest at GDS!!!
You can check out this round’s gallery HERE!

Here are a couple of layouts that Liz (elenasworld) and I have made using this kit……….

Last but not least, a reminder that I’m having a
in my store!!! (which will run for one more week!!!)

Remember, this kit is available exclusively at GDS,
so swing by today, and pick it up for 30% off!!

OH, and I was wondering if you might like a little freebie, maybe?
Enjoy my DateStamp Mark It and leave me some love 🙂

*link has expired :-(. Thanks for visiting and check back soon!
Thanks for looking and I hope that spring will make your heart sing as well!!!

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